Notice: **NEW FEES AS OF JULY 1, 2023!** There will be a non-refundable application processing fee (minimum of $398) for each application submitted.

Permit Process & Guidelines

City of Burbank


(Updated 5/13/2021)


As the ‘Media Capital of the World’, it has been said that almost all American video production has been touched by a Burbank business in one form or another. As one of Burbank’s signature industries, television and motion picture production is an essential source of economic activity, tax revenue, jobs, and tourism.

To remain at the forefront of current best practices and policies, the City Council approved Ordinance 19-3,920 which amended the Burbank Municipal Code relative to film permits and short-term use of City property. The Ordinance was effective November 1, 2019.

Ordinance 19-3,920 modified the City’s film permit ordinance to be consistent with the California Film Commission’s model film ordinance. It retained the City’s existing authority to require film permits for all filming within the City of Burbank, with limited exceptions for certain types of specified filming activities.

The Ordinance further retains the existing process for establishing Rules and Regulations necessary for the implementation of the film permit ordinance from time to time, but clarifies and streamlines the process for updating the Rules and Regulations and requires that the current version of the Rules and Regulations shall always be on file with the City Clerk and posted on the City’s website for ease of reference.

Finally, the Ordinance establishes a uniform process for approving license and entry agreements for short-term, temporary use of City-owned property (such as filming on City-owned property), through the use of an agreement. The license and entry agreement will include, at a minimum, indemnification provisions, insurance requirements, and conditions specific to the use of the applicable City-owned property.

With these changes, Burbank is in alignment with other local and state jurisdictions and consistent in our practice within our own organization.


All film permits applications shall be submitted online at In the event that there is an issue applying online, the applicant may submit a paper application. (Application is located under PDF Form Library, Film Permit Request Form)

To initiate the permit procedure, a film company must:

Step 1

Review the film permit rules and regulations to determine the documents/steps needed to complete an application within the proper timeframe. A non-refundable processing fee will be charged for ANY (incomplete or complete) application submitted. More information can be found below in the FAQ: “Is There a Film Permit Application Fee?”


Step 2

Submit the film permit application form online five business days prior to the first proposed film date for requests involving extraordinary circumstances (refer to section three of rules and regulations) or three business days for all other requests that do not include outlined extraordinary circumstances. *Please note that the film permit office is dark on Fridays. (Business days are Monday-Thursday.) A non-refundable processing fee is required to process the film permit application.


Step 3

Submit a certificate of insurance, an additional endorsement form (CG 2012 or AIE form), and a completed appendix J.  All documents are available in the PDF Library.

Step 4

 If necessary, contact any affected City Department (Public Works, Parks, etc.) for departmental approval.

Appropriate forms must be reviewed and approved, and fees MUST be collected before actual filming begins. 


What are the office hours for permits?

Our office is open from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, Monday through Thursday. Permits are issued between 8:30 am and 4:00 pm. Due to COVID, our office hours may change. 

Is there a film permit application fee?

Yes. Each film permit application shall be accompanied by a nonrefundable processing fee in the amount established by the Burbank Film Fee.

1 to 2 Consecutive Days: $398.00
3 to 7 Consecutive Days: $707.00
(rates subject to change)

How long does it take to get a permit?

Three (3) business days’ notice is required. If the filming is complex, it is recommended to contact the Film Permit Office 1-2 weeks prior to the scheduled filming date.

Can I fax or e-mail in a permit request?
You may fax in your Film Permit Request form to the film permit office to (818) 238-3109. If you wish to e-mail your request, contact the office at (818) 238-3105 for the e-mail address.
Do I need a permit if I am a student?

Yes, if you are a Postsecondary student a permit is required. The student will pay a reduced application fee.

The student will need to provide us with your student ID and a letter from your school stating your name and dates of the filming. Other fees may apply depending on your film activity. 

Student film permit application fee:

1 to 2 Consecutive Days – $25.00
3 to 7 Consecutive Days – $100.00
(rates subject to change)

Do I need a permit if I am a non-profit organization?

Yes, however the film permit fee is reduced to $40. You will need to provide a copy of your IRS 501c form. Other fees may apply depending on your film activity.

If I am filming all on private property, do I need a permit?

Yes, unless you are filming within a certified sound stage.

What kind of insurance is required in order to get a film permit?

Insurance for filming is required. The applicant/permittee must maintain in force, during the full term of the film permit insurance in the following amounts and coverages:

  1. Commercial General Liability Insurance with limits not less than $1,000,000 each occurrence Combined Single Limit for Bodily Injury and Property Damage, including coverages for Contractual Liability, Personal Injury, Independent Contractors, Broadform Property Damage, and Products Liability and Completed Operations. If a general aggregate limit applies, either the general aggregate limit shall apply separately to this project/location or the general aggregate limit shall be twice the required occurrence limit;
  2. Commercial Automobile Liability Insurance with limits not less than $1,000,000 each occurrence Combined Single Limit for Bodily Injury and Property Damage, including coverages for owned, non-owned and hired automobiles, as applicable; and
  3. Workers’ Compensation Insurance in statutory amounts with Employer’s Liability Coverage with limits of not less than $1,000,000 each accident.
  4. Commercial General Liability and Commercial Automobile Liability Insurance policies must provide the following: (See Attachment E, Insurance example)
  5. Name as Additional Insured the City of Burbank, its Officers, Agents, Employees, and Volunteers on a form acceptable to City.
  6. That such policies are primary insurance to any other insurance available to the Additional Insureds, with respect to any claims arising out of the film permit, and that insurance applies separately to each insured against whom claim is made or suit is brought.

The insurance certificate and endorsement form must be reviewed and approved by the City Attorney.

Until we receive insurance documents that meet all of the City’s requirements, we cannot consider the application complete.

Click here to download the city endorsement form.

Will a Police /Fire officer be assigned during my filming?

If your filming or parking of equipment/production vehicles are on public property, a least one Burbank Police Officer will be assigned. Additional police officers may be assigned if the filming activity warrants it.

Interior filming on private or public property usually requires a Fire Safety Officer. The permit will be reviewed by the Burbank Fire Department.

How do I hire police/fire personnel?

The Film Permit Office will coordinate with the Police and Fire Departments in assigning officers. The rate for Police Officers is $140.00 per hour per officer with a 4-hour minimum.  The rate for the Fire Department is $130.00 per hour.  Service requests over 4 hours will include an additional 30 minutes for pre- and post-assignment tasks (rate subject to change).

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