Permit Process & Guidelines

City of Burbank


As a production center for the motion picture and television industry, the City of Burbank actively promotes a positive atmosphere for production companies wishing to film within the City limits. A film permit is required for all filming done within the City of Burbank. We have a simplified permit procedure designed to coordinate all your production needs with City health and safety requirements. The following clearly outlines permit procedures and restrictions for filming in the City of Burbank.

To initiate the permit procedure, a film company must:

Step 1

Contact the Traffic Bureau of the Burbank Police Department at 818-238-3105, no less than 72 business hours prior to start of proposed filming.


Step 2

Complete the film permit application form. Supply description of desired location and type of production activity. Email, fax, or apply on-line 72 business hours prior to proposed filming date.


Step 3

If necessary, any affected City department (Public Works, City Hall, etc.) must be contacted by a film company representative for departmental approval.

Step 4

A production company representative must complete our application process online. Appropriate forms must be signed and fees collected before actual filming begins.


If the company has not filmed in the City of Burbank in the past, or if their insurance certificate in our file has expired, the company must provide the City with their current insurance certificate, naming the City of Burbank, its officers and employees, as “additional insured” on an additional insured endorsement form, with limits of not less than one million dollars, combined single limit.

The original or faxed copy of the certificate of insurance MUST be reviewed and approved by the City Attorney’s office before the permit can be issued. (A studio representative will take the certificate of insurance to the City Attorney and return the approved insurance certificate to the Traffic Bureau.)

Off-Duty Personnel:
If any filming is done or equipment is parked on a street or on public property, at least one Burbank police officer must be present at the film location. On occasion, when the City is unable to supply enough Burbank police officers, the film company is then required to employ City of Glendale police officers.

When filming on private or public property, a fire safety officer is usually required. The permit will be reviewed by the Burbank Fire Department and a determination will be made based on film activity, location, and cast/crew size. The film coordinator may contact the Burbank Fire Department at 818-238-3386 if there are any questions about Fire Safety Officer assignment.

When animals are present at the filming location, the Burbank Animal Shelter will be notified by the film coordinator.

Burbank Bob Hope Airport supplies its own officers on Airport property. Any interior shots or special effects still require a Burbank Fire Department safety officer.

The number of officers assigned is always determined by film activity, location, and cast/crew size. And at the final discretion of the of the Traffic Bureau Commander

Generally film permits are issued from the hours of 7am-10pm in residential areas. Filming in a residential area beyond normal hours shall require the approval of all residents who will be impacted by filming during the restricted hours. If filmingcommences before 7am and/or continues after 10pm, approval signatures from all impacted residents must be submitted with film permit request form at least 48 hours prior to start of filming.  There are no time restrictions in a commercial area.

Posting of “No Parking” signs in a business/residential area shall only be approved for one side of the street, unless all affected business owners and residents have signed waivers. Said waiver shall be presented to the film coordinator prior to the issuance of the permit authorizing such usage. Signatures from affected business owners and residents where location is filmed frequently may be required. Film equipment will not be allowed to park overnight in a residential area.

Traffic lane and street closures are generally not permitted other than for three minute intermittent traffic control. The primary consideration in determining the closure of the traffic lane shall always be of the safe and efficient movement of vehicular traffic. However, the Traffic Bureau Commander and a City traffic engineer may authorize closing a lane of traffic to facilitate production and enhance safety.

The wetting of surface streets by production companies may be permitted after all safety issues have been reviewed by the Traffic Bureau Commander. In all cases where permission to wet the street has been granted, the production company shall be responsible for providing the appropriate required legal control and warning devices.

Stunts involving vehicle crashes or chases may be approved after consultation with the Traffic Bureau Commander and consideration of all safety issues. At no time will vehicle speeds exceed the posted or legal speed limit for the area in which the stunt is to be performed.

View the Fee Schedule Page for a more detailed breakdown. A company filming for the first time in the City of Burbank shall pay estimated fees in advance. Differences will be adjusted upon completion of filming.
Burbank Police Department policy establishes a minimum of four hours pay for any officers assigned to extra-duty job. The film coordinator shall bill studios for police officer services and City property rental. The exception is a company filming for the first time in Burbank, which shall pay estimated fees in advance. The Fire Department shall bill for fire safety officer services and rental fees for fire department.

Any company which is delinquent in payment shall not be allowed to film in the City of Burbank until payment is received.

In the event the location representative requests to film on City property, concerned City Departments must be contacted by the location representative for approval and to have a City Facility Addendum form completed.
When a fire apparatus is to be used in a fire scene, or when it is intended to depict normal fire department operations, minimum manpower requirements shall be as required by the fire department. If an apparatus is to be used for background, only the necessary drivers for that apparatus will be required. Some special effects may require the assignment of a fire apparatus and manpower as determined by the Fire Department.
Certain areas can be posted for “No Parking” to reserve parking spaces for the production vehicles. Prior to the film permit times the production company will post the “No Parking” signs for the parking areas allocated in the permit.
Upon a short notice cancellation, if the officer cannot be notified before he goes to the location, the officer will still be paid a four (4) hour minimum, for which the film company will be billed. Once the film permit request form has been submitted, an application fee will be charged when the company representative fails to withdraw the request 24 hours prior to request film shoot. If a Fire Safety Officer has been assigned, please call 818-238-3386 to cancel.
We have very few complaints from citizens concerning restricted parking or other conflicts, and generally the location representative will try to cooperate with those registering complaints.

If there should be a problem at the location, it is the responsibility of the senior officer working the job to handle the situation, or contact the Traffic Commander, Film Coordinator or Watch Commander to mediate.

A copy of the film permit will be given to the production company. A copy of the film permit must be on hand at all times at the film location. A copy of the permit will be distributed to the appropriate City departments involved.


What are the office hours for permits?

Our office is open from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday. Permits are issued between 8:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

Due to COVID, our office is closed to the general public and film permit applications must be submitted using our new online interface. 

Is there a film permit application fee?
A single day film permit fee is $150.00. A weekly permit fee is $350.00 (7 days), non-refundable.
How long does it take to get a permit?
Two business days notice is required. If the filming is complex, it is recommended to contact the Film Permit Office 1-2 weeks prior to the scheduled filming date.
Can I fax or e-mail in a permit request?
You may fax in your Film Permit Request form to the film permit office to (818) 238-3109. If you wish to e-mail your request, contact the office at (818) 238-3105 for the e-mail address.
Do I need a permit if I am a student?
Yes, however, the film permit fee is waived. You will need to provide us with your student ID and a letter from your school stating your name and dates of the filming. Other fees may apply depending on your film activity
Do I need a permit if I am a non-profit organization?
Yes, however the film permit fee is waived. You will need to provide a copy of your IRS 501c form. Other fees may apply depending on your film activity.
If I am filming all on private property, do I need a permit?
Yes, unless you are filming within a certified sound stage.
When is a film permit not needed?
A permit is not required for filming that uses hand-held cameras (video or digital), wireless microphones, hand-held light diffuser or other related hand-held equipment and, if your filming does not involve exclusive use of any sidewalk or other public property. Equipment must be held in the photographers or filmmaker’s hand and carried at all times with the photographer or filmmaker or subject(s) of the filming during the course of filming. If a tripod is used as a camera-stabilizing device, no permit required as long as the tripod is of such size and weight that it will not interfere with the safe ingress, egress, or access to any public facility, or that it will not otherwise negatively impact the public safety during filming. We recommend that you contact the Burbank Film Permit office to review your film request at (818)238-3105.
What kind of insurance is required in order to get a film permit?
The production company must provide the City with their current policy of general liability insurance, naming the City of Burbank, its officers, and employees as “additional insured” on an additional insured endorsement form, limits of not less than one million dollars, combined single limit. The insurance certificate and endorsement form must be reviewed and approved by the City Attorney. Click here to download the city endorsement form.
Will a Police /Fire officer be assigned during my filming?
If your filming or parking of equipment/production vehicles are on public property, a least one Burbank Police Officer will be assigned. Additional police officers may be assigned if the filming activity warrants it. Interior filming on private or public property usually requires a Fire Safety Officer. The permit will be reviewed by the Burbank Fire Department.
How do I hire police/fire personnel?
The film permit office will coordinate with the Police and Fire Departments in assigning officers. The rate for police is $109.00 per hour and fire is $95.00 per hour, with a 4 hour minimum. (rate subject to change)